BBQ Networking Technique

You may have already picked up on what the first 3 steps are that you should follow when seeking to build new wealth pillars:




It’s no coincidence either that the first letters spell out ESC, most commonly recognised as the ‘escape’ button on a computer …and one may assume representative of one’s ‘escape’ to a place of more freedom. 

Today I’d like to focus on Step 3: Connection. 

I don’t believe that it’s possible to build wealth alone. Part of what I believe to make the WealthBuilders Community so enriched is the broad range of experience with which can be found amongst our members. 

One of the best ways to find those who can accelerate your wealth is networking, and amongst our community this is very common especially within the areas of property and business. 

However, I appreciate that networking and making new connections doesn’t come naturally for all of us, and networking in a room full of strangers isn’t for everyone.

I recorded a video a little while back that shares what I call the ‘BBQ networking technique’. I explain an easy to follow method which will help you to ‘attract’ people towards you rather than having to overcome the anxiety and awkwardness of making that first move. 

If you follow this technique, I promise that you’ll maximise the impact and minimise the discomfort of your networking.

If you need help with finding new connections then WealthBuilders are continually adding to our list of approved experts. Tried and tested in their field, and sharing our values. 

Next time you find yourself heading to a networking event why not give the BBQ Technique a try. I’d be intrigued to hear how you get on!

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