Is Your Education An Investment Or A Cost?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘all leaders are readers’?

Or perhaps the quote from the late Jim Rohn, where he quipped ‘Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen T.V’s’.

Today we have the fortune of not just being able to read books, but to consume information digitally in the form of eBooks, podcasts, audible books and videos and through an almost infinite number of platforms which deliver new information to us at frightening speed from every conceivable corner of the earth. 

The information age has levelled the playing field, and there is no excuse to not invest your time into those tasks which are going to lead you towards success, rather than steer you towards a life of mediocrity.

In this blog post I’d like to focus you on the second component of D.E.B.I.T.S, which is the Foundation stage of what we teach at WealthBuilders; finding extra money in your life that you simply did not realise was there – no matter what stage of your wealth-building journey you are at.

If you’re not familiar with (or simply need a refresher) on the 6 components which form the Foundation and spell out D.E.B.I.T.S then head over and watch this video now.

Use the additional money that you discover through applying D.E.B.I.T.S in furthering your education

Is All Education Good Education?

When it comes to building your wealth it’s important to seek the right education.

Unfortunately wrapped up with the enthusiasm and passion of genuinely wanting to learn more, there is a danger that your money is just going to be spent with people who perhaps just want to make money from that education, rather than genuinely being on your side to try and help you build wealth for yourself.

And this feels like a good time to reiterate a message which is really important to take on board. WealthBuilders is a genuine community, and we’re very much (if you remember our values) about sharing information and knowledge with others both ahead of you and behind you. We’ve got many, many ways we can show you how to participate in some education either at a lower cost, or a fraction of the cost, and indeed sometimes we can even show you ways by using leverage of something you already have (for example, your pension).JOIN THE WEALTHBUILDERS FACEBOOK GROUPAccess more useful resources to help you build your wealth

Education Is just 1/5 Of The Equation

Do you remember the ‘Wheel of Wealth’?

I’ve worked with many, many business owners, entrepreneurs and property investors over the years and one thing I see so often is that they rush into projects with a whole lot of enthusiasm and a little bit of education …and nothing else!

That can work OK sometimes, but when it comes to building wealth I much prefer to follow a proven system that has been tried and tested by others who have already established a successful track record in the asset class that I’m wishing to focus on. 

That’s what led me to realise that without the 5 essential parts of the ‘wheel’ then you’re leaving yourself open to problems. 

The ‘wheel of wealth’ is absolutely fundamental to making sure that any asset class you want to focus on will generate a consistent recurring income for you, and after all, an asset is something that puts money in your bank account while you are asleep …and you do not need to be there in order for that to happen.

I’ve recorded a video which show’s you exactly how the wheel applies to your wealth-building process, no matter which asset you are wishing to focus on. You can access the video within our free WealthBuilders Membership Area, and if you’re already registered you can get access for free here.

When you apply all 6 components of D.E.B.I.T.S and discover savings of up to a few hundred pounds that you didn’t realise were already there, and then re-invest that into your education …you’re already one fifth of the way to turning another wheel, and that means more recurring income into your life and a step closer to reaching the next level of wealth you wish to achieve.

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